One of the challenges of advertising is to write good “copy”

“Text of a print, radio, or television advertising message that aims at catching and holding the interest of the prospective buyer, and at persuading him or her to make a purchase all within a few short seconds. The headline of an advertising copy is said to be the most important part, and quite often a small change in its wording brings disproportionate results.” –

Bovenizer & Baker (B&B) Orthodontics had this copy in a recent city magazine:

“From fresh baked cookies and coffee to free swag and genuine connections, the office will feel like your second home. The B&B staff enjoys their work and aims to create fun, earn your trust and deliver “wow” through service.”

Enticing copy for a professional practice. The photo of the two orthodontists further enhances the ad.

Good copy and graphics results in an advertising piece that gets read. Well done website….also.