Online Presence

Entry Point

Customers have to enter a business in one form or another….often it’s online.

If a customer encounters a business first by exploring online….should not that entry point be excellent? 

Unfortunately, not all businesses have a strong online presence, it would seem that any business/organization would want to put its best foot forward. After all – first impressions count….a lot!

Moo Muffs

Find a Need

Most people would not need Moo Muffs. yet some will find it a necessary product.

Yes, there is need to cover a calf’s ears:

“The cattle producer (needs to) protect their investment and maximize profits, all while keeping the cattle comfortable. Moo Muffs are able to help eliminate frostbite on baby calves’ ears, keeping the value on calves that would normally be docked at the sale barn.”

A good business model: find a need and fill it.

Black Rifle Coffee


$80 million is an impressive amount of sales for any coffee business especially one that started in 2014 and its roots are on the battlefield of Iraq.

“Hafer’s company now has 200 employees—40 percent of whom are veterans—and aims to open 20 coffee shops by the end of 2020. At this point, most of the company’s business is conducted online, and sales are made directly to customers.”

A good web site…..directed to a rather specific market….however, cautious that the sales numbers are reliable.

Veterans Day 2019

75 Years

Recently found scrap book pages from 1944 – Lt T.F. Barton, Ninth Air Force.

  • P-47 initial mission over France, June 5, 1944
  • Air combat with ME 109, destroyed
  • Supply air drop to infantrymen behind enemy lines in Voseges foothills in France

Vintage Polaroid Cameras


Polaroid no longer makes the iconic instant cameras….however a successful business (Retrospekt) has been able to capitalize on the vast numbers of Polaroid cameras that were sold years ago.

While starting out with Polaroid cameras….Retrospect is refurbishing other vintage products – Sony Walkman…..and game players.

Obviously a market for vintage cameras and electronics….the key element is recognizing that a demand exists and developing a business model that takes advantage of that market.


Story Telling

Seth Godin:

“Growing your organization, spreading the word, doing work you’re proud of–these aren’t engineering problems or economics problems. They’re marketing problems.”

” Marketing is the difficult work of telling a story that resonates, of bringing a consistent set of promises to people who want to hear them.”

“Marketing isn’t about shortcuts, hustle or deception. Marketing is the art (and the science) of serving the people you seek to serve, to do better work by finding and satisfying needs. Marketing is the practice of making things better by making better things.”

A local organization is in a turnaround situation….primarily because of a change of leadership. The current leader is good….yet there is a significant difference from the former….and that is the ability to tell a story.

The difficult work ahead for this organization is telling a story that resonates.



Making Wine is a fascinating business….success depends on many factors….not the least of which is weather.

While NC and MI can’t compete directly with the wineries of CA, OR, and WA….they in many respects hold their own. Now almost every state has some form of wine industry.

Wine making is an interesting business….certainly a large investment of capital….but also it needs specialized technical and business skills and the willingness to see the business as a long-term process.

News Roundup

November 2019

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+  Surely it’s obvious that everything necessarily starts with the customer. More specifically, with common courtesy toward the customer.” — Tom Peters

+ Seth Godin:  By engaging with the smallest viable audience, you gain the reputation and trust you need to move to ever bigger audiences.

+ Global customer experience:

+ Managing done well is a listening profession, not a talking profession – Tom Peters

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