“Noccioliva: The Artisanal Italian Version of Nutella
Made with extra-virgin olive oil, hazelnuts and chocolate, this is an unusually glossy, smooth, remarkable spread. Dating back to the 19th century, this spread is an exceptional version of the classic hazelnut/chocolate pairing.”

There are popular products (Nutella) and perhaps a better (artisanal) product (Noccioliva). While a better product with better ingredients…..for example olive oil instead of palm oil….these products also are more expensive….$15 vs. $5. Of course, importing the product and lower production accounts for the price difference.

On the other hand….an artisanal product may: “you get what you pay for”. Price vs value is always a trade-off.


Direct Mail


Creating a marketing / advertising strategy is significantly different now than it was in the 70’s. Our advertising mediums were:

  • Display newspaper ads (the most important)
  • Radio
  • TV
  • Direct mail (should have used more thoroughly)

Our mailing list was simply 3×5 cards….these were our most valued customers. With 20/20 hindsight:

  • Create a master list of every potential customer
  • Identify most valued customers
  • Develop a direct mail plan of an every month mailing to a select group of customers (everything had to be done by hand). Every month would have a mailing of 50 direct mail pieces.
  • Offer an unusual and outstanding value for each mailing.
  • Customize each mailing to make it attractive and solicit a response.

Would the same strategy work today? I would think it would….after-all none of the ad mediums used in the 70’s would likely be anywhere as effective in a 2020 market environment. 

Note: Businesses should have a robust web site….that is today’s front door.



Can a simple cardboard box be as good as the product inside?….perhaps not as good but close.

A recent purchase of a Bose Solo 5 sound bar might answer that question.

The packaging has to match in value the product…..and the Bose Solo box certainly fits that premise. Substantial all around….precise interior sections and appealing graphics.

Apple also places great emphasis on its packaging….the package enhances and sells the product.

A fundamental principle: package design….is a key component  in product marketing. 


Blue Photon Technology

An article in the December 2019 issue of Photonics Spectra caught my attention. The title was: Workholding Adhesives for Optical and Ceramic Components….certainly not an everyday product unless one worked in that field.

What was interesting was that Blue Photon Technology is located in Shelby, MI.  Shelby is in Oceana County which is predominately agricultural. A out-of-the way location to say the least.


Melin Headgear

Caps are fairly ordinary….perhaps not if one is a professional golfer.  Melin Headwear just partnered with Phil Mickelson.

There are at least 18 reasons for their premium headware to sell at $59. That’s how many pieces make up their premium hat.

The Melin hat incorporates many features into a rather ordinary product to justify the $59 price point….”Add it all up and the hats are promised to last five times as long as typical golf hats.”

Most any product can be made better….even a hat.

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