Grand Rapids Made

Leland International

In the early to mid 20th century, Grand Rapids, MI was the center of furniture manufacturing. Later furniture manufacturing became a major industry in North Carolina along with tobacco and textiles. Of course all that has changed.

In some respects, Grand Rapids and Western Michigan are still a major center of furniture….now commercial and office furniture….Steelcase….Herman Miller….Haworth being the most prominent.

From mlive:

However there are smaller companies that fill certain market segments and Leland Furniture is one of them. “Formed in 1992, Leland International began with a clear vision: Design products that look and feel contemporary, while enduring timelessly.”


Man-Mur Shoe Shop

Good Work

Communities need business like The Man-Mur Shoe Shop.  From WRAL:

Small businesses like Man-Mur are the economic foundation of local economies. If they didn’t do good….they would not have been in business for the past 60+ years.

The key to longevity: “Do the best job you can, than a little more.”

Luxury Watch

Reasonable Price

It seems that having a collection of watches is like having a collection of ball caps….there is always something new….better….different.

A startup has taken the luxury watch not from high price but….to a more reasonable price.

From BusinessInsider:

“Nearly all under $300, these watches are more than worth their price.” And that is what differentiates Filippo-Loreti from the competition.

News Roundup

February 2018

+ Where are they now from Feb 2013 –

  • Reid Supply – Now Essentra Components America
  • Mixed Go Green – Only one location in DeMoines, IA
  • Bigsby Coffee – 260 stores in several states
  • La Croix Optical –

+ Here’s my problem: To be a good manager, you must be a good leader. To be a good leader, you must be a good manager. Hence there is … ZERO DIFFERENCE … between the two. (Completely phony distinction.) -Tom Peters

+ Wells Fargo disciplined by the Federal Reserve after fraud scandal. This is a bank that has many questionable business practices.

+ Significant change – LL Bean return policy:

+ All successful people, from the local plumber to the 3-star general, understand the power of relationships and networks. -Tom Peters

+ Costco selling automobiles:


Leadership Mishap

From the Air Force Times:

“During his two years as a leader in Air Combat Command, Brig. Gen. ______ repeatedly demeaned and micromanaged his staff and erupted at them when he felt they fell short, an inspector general investigation found.

He also traveled excessively ― once spending an entire month away from the office ― while matters requiring his attention and approval piled up in his absence, the Inspector General (IG) said.

And not even an attempted intervention from another one-star general could push the Brig. Gen. to address the morale problems threatening to sink his command, the IG found.”

Several issues:

  • Where was leadership training?
  • How did the BG get to this level?
  • Who was responsible above this level?

As seen in the past, this is not the first time for this sort of mishap….and won’t be the last.

As the illustration suggests: superb leaders work to make their people better….not the other way around.

And it also happens elsewhere (Ford Motor Co.) :

Bee Hive

Flow Hive/Australia

From Australia a clever idea to keep bees and gather the honey produced by the bees:

The key point other than raising significant amount of money….is that these innovators/entrepreneurs created a better way to raise bees and gather honey.

The secondary fact is that it may halt the decline in bee populations that are critical for plant pollination.


Newspaper & Long Distance

Often we are reluctant to change….the status quo is OK.

However, it was time to change on how our news was delivered and how we make long distance calls. Both overdue.

The News & Observer like many newspapers has seen dramatic declines in subscriptions and advertising. Along with this decline has also been decreases in content and reporting….and an increase in price. The value vs. price comparison no longer exists for the N&O. Time to change….eliminate the newspaper delivery….the internet has become the news provider.

The long distance service is a similar example. Long overdue….there are better ways to obtain long distance telephone….again the internet is also a long distance source as well as local telephone service provider. 

Some businesses have longevity in their business model….others don’t. That is why change is necessary….for both seller and buyer.