The Right Thing


“WW Internationalformerly and still popularly known as Weight Watchers and WW on Nasdaq—made headlines this week but not in a good way. The company terminated many employees via group Zoom calls. This is one of the most callous and disgraceful ways a company can fire an employee, and the negative PR it generates is also bad for business.”

From: Insights from Stanford Business

Unfortunately, the WW CEO did not read the Stanford article. Jeffrey Pfeffer is a “Professor of Organizational Behavior at the Graduate School of Business, Stanford University, and is considered one of today’s most influential management thinkers.”

“The current health crisis changes nothing about what good leaders and good companies should always be doing (take care of your people.) It just makes those actions more urgent.” It’s called doing The Right Thing.

Memorial Day 2020

LST 393 – USS Silversides

LST 393 – USS Silversides

Muskegon has two WW ll memorial ships….the LST 393 which participated in the Normandy Invasion and the submarine USS Silversides (“Silversides has the most prolific combat record of any still-extant American submarine.”)

Both of these ships were active participants in the war effort. It is fitting that they have been preserved as a memorial to all service members who made the ultimate sacrifice.


Sharp Microwave

Unfortunately, the revolving glass tray in our Sharp Microwave broke. Finding a replacement should be easy or so it seemed. A call to Sharp….part unavailable….try Walmart, etc.

After a lengthy web search, the glass revolving tray for our model could not be found. It seems there are numerous glass trays for many different models of Microwave ovens yet no inventory of model SMC 1452 glass trays. There may be some in a container at some port….however that’s not very helpful.

Solution: A new GE microwave * this time around!


Duration-Part 9


One of the most important aspects of any business is to stay connected with their customers.

Some businesses during the duration have done a good job maintaining contact….if only by keeping their website current.

In the 60’s and 70’s, of course no internet….other than radio or the newspaper….the best means of contact would have been direct mail. That might still be useful in the current situation. 

Duration – Part 8


“Patients can expect to see a $10 surcharge for each visit to cover the extra expenses of protective gear for office staff during the pandemic.”

Adding a surcharge is always a questionable decision. The perception is that it might take advantage of customers/patients. There have been instances of restaurants adding a surcharge. Certainly there are costs associated with the extra expenses. 

The immediate question is will short term gains impact on long term results. That’s a a difficult management decision….one way or another. 


Made in Finland

A new Fiskars’ axe….made in Finland. A nice, quality product at a reasonable price ($27)….and a Lifetime Warranty.

The company has its roots in the village of Fiskars, where it was founded in 1649.  It is one of the oldest companies in the world. Fiskars’ brands are regularly among Finland’s most valued brands.

It may not be used a lot….however it seems built to be up for any task.


Family Farm & Home

The company was founded in 2002 with three stores in Coldwater, Benton Harbor and Lafayette, Ind. It has now has 64 locations in five states around the Midwest.

There is still a place for retail specialty businesses….not everything comes from Amazon.

Live chicks, beekeeping supplies, maple syrup equipment are products that are better purchased at a retail specialist. Perhaps that is a path some businesses might follow after the duration.