General Electric G90

A recent announcement:


It is nice to see positive announcements like the above. Manufacturing jet engines is a sophisticated process. The newest GE Aviation facility in Muskegon (Johnson Technologies – a wholly owned subsidiary of GE) produces two small parts….high pressure turbine nozzles and shrouds for the GE90 engine.

I would guess also that the turbine airfoils come from Arconic (formerly Alcoa Howmet) in Whitehall, MI. All the parts come together at various GE assembly plants to complete the engine. One of those assembly plants is in the RTP area….it’s a small world….parts made in Muskegon and Whitehall, Mi come together in an assembly plant a few miles from Cary, NC.

News Roundup

April 2017

+ Where are they now from April 2012:

  • Best Buy – Reinvigorated
  • Fresh Market – At times seems to have lost it’s way
  • Cochrane Furniture – Closed in 2013

+ Former Steelcase/Grand Rapids,MI building: 

Switch on at Kent County pyramid

+ The Chicago Cubs – a business case study:  http://www.chicagotribune.com/business/columnists/ct-cubs-ricketts-plan-robert-reed-0312-biz-20170310-column.html

+ Good leaders are good managers. Good managers are good leaders. – Tom Peters

+ Changing the Pizza model: http://tinyurl.com/lhj4mxs

+ If you want to explain the demise of Macy’s/Kmart /Sears/JCPenney, go to Bentonville, not Silicon Valley. – Tom Peters. Walmart revenue 2016 – $486B.

+ Disney customer experience:  http://www.businessinsider.com/sc/disney-customer-experience-principles-2017-3

+ Low price is the last refuge of the marketer who doesn’t care enough to build something worth paying for. – Seth Godin

+ What you can learn about business from a mango vendor: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/290629

+ If you have a great culture and a strong execution bias, you don’t have to waste your time on “strategy” or “vision” – Tom Peters


Accurate or ?

I recently visited a web site for a medical practice….a possible future interest.

The dilemma – while there were some positive reviews….there were also some that were very negative. The negative reviews were not so much with the providers….but with the support staff. 

It’s difficult to determine the accuracy of any review. My general guideline is to look at the more recent reviews…..if there are recent positive reviews….than I would look at the business favorably.

Of course when we were in business….there was no forum for any form of review except for word of mouth. I would hope that we had favorable reviews….if not we would make sure to make any correction.

Customers/Clients/Patients want do to do business with the best….an A company/provider….not a B, C, or D. 



What makes Chick-fil-A an excellent company?



Take-a-ways from Chick-fil-A:

  • Average sales per restaurant – $4M (highly successful business)
  • Customer Service (and training) are a high priority
  • Each franchisee can only have one restaurant (more hands-on management).

Many McDonalds franchisees certainly could lean a few lesson from Chick-fil-A.

Perfect Solution

Yeti Mug

Is the Yeti mug the perfect coffee tumbler?

From Business Insider:


My current Thermo Thermax mug doesn’t do the job….I would like a better solution.

“Not only am I a lot more chipper, but I’ve also stopped spending so much at the Starbucks near work. And though the temperature control is really what sold me on it, it also doesn’t hurt knowing that I could probably run over this with my car and still have a functioning product.”

Great products don’t have to be expensive….they just have to work as advertised. For $30…..the Yeti mug seems like the perfect solution.

Compact Farms

Unique Business Model

I didn’t grow up on a farm….though my grandparents were farmers. I did visit the farm often and always liked the idyllic farm life (not easy however).

A recent book – “Compact Farms-15 Proven Plans for Market Farms on 5 Acres or Less” explains in detail how these market farms are successful businesses. Here are some keys to a farms success (p.97).

  • Be professional
  • High emphasis on quality and quality control
  • Maintain good relationship with employees and customers
  • Focus on high value products
  • Understand their markets and concentrate on those that are profitable
  • Control expenses and capital investments

These keys apply not only to market farms but to any successful business….and the compelling story is a satisfying business on 5 acres or less.

RC Productions

Nice Busisiness

There are often companies that seem off the radar screen….yet are very successful. RC Productions, Inc in Muskegon, MI is one of them.

There are 4 components of RC Productions:

  • RCP Marketing – Branding, packaging, video & audio
  • Source1Digital – Digital printing (plant in the photo)
  • Auxang Group – Strategic marketing planning
  • The gearGroup – Promotional product & apparel supplier

Established in 1981 RC Productions has grown considerably from its original location in a dated building on Lakeshore Drive.