Big Signs


Signs are a primary means of identification for many businesses/organizations….and…. 

makes “BIG” signs. “A branding company that specializes in helping schools, organizations and pro-sports teams transform their facilities and amplify their brand.”

Peanut Butter


Peanut butter is a rather mundane product or perhaps it isn’t.

“Named after company founder Pic Picot, this peanut butter’s uniqueness lies in the nut itself. The producer uses an Australian-grown varietal with a much higher oleic acid content than conventional peanuts, making Pic’s naturally higher in protein, vitamins and healthy monounsaturated fats, but also lower in saturated fat.

There are many unique peanut butter producers….not just Jiff and Skippy’s found in most grocery stores. What makes Pic’s and others stand out….is that fact that they are:

Better and Different.

exactly the goal of every successful business.

Available in the US:


B.C Cobb Power Plant

The B.C.Cobb Power Plant was a Muskegon landmark for over 70 years. The plant was decommissioned several years ago. The smoke stack….visible for miles has been demolished and the boiler plant buildings recently imploded.

While a landmark….the plant was no longer viable and a new use can be made the site. The former coal slip has significant potential for Great Lakes shipping/transportation. The James R Barker, a 1000 ft. freighter illustrates the immense size of the facility and its promise of a new chapter for Muskegon and the Great Lakes.

Chapter 11

Business Sense?

A well known restaurant (Al’s was named best burger in America 2018) with 3 locations has just filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy).


Being a successful restaurant requires not just making the best burger in America but also good business sense. That business sense may have been lacking at Al’s Burger Shack. From the WRAL article:

  • 3 Al’s locations, each filed for bankruptcy
  • One locations largest debt was $250,000 in payroll taxes
  • Another location – $176,000 in unpaid payroll taxes
  • High interest loans, one a $290,000 cash advance
  • A 4th location is planned

Almost $500,000 in unpaid payroll taxes that have to be paid is a rather significant amount. High interest cash advances….just where is the business acumen in using these type of loans?

It seems that AL’s Burger Shack needs more help than just filing for Chapter 11. Bankruptcy is not going to solve the real problem for this business.

2020 Goals

Tom Peters

Tom Peters is one of the top management experts….as well as a prolific writer and thinker. He should be listened to closely by any business/organizational leader.

Here are his 2020 goals:

All need to be paid attention to….in particular:

Pursue the George Whalin dictate: “Be the best. It’s the only market that’s not crowded.”

Looking back we did do business that we were proud of. Though I did make one customer mistake (recounted in a prior post) in those years and fortunately used it as a learning experience.

It’s been over 40 years since we left the business….perhaps there may a few folks that remember Baker Furniture.



108 Years

CWC Textron manufactures engine components (camshafts, balance shafts, bearing caps) for a variety of applications including automotive, agricultural and power sports engine programs. In addition to producing rough cast engine components.

CWC (Campbell, Wyatt, Cannon) was a large cast iron foundry in Muskegon founded in the early 1900s. “CWC would later become one of the area’s biggest companies ever, with almost 4,000 employees in the late 1960s.”

Today a much different CWC exists…. yet it is still part of the community’s industrial heritage.

Fair Price


What’s a fair price?

Customers like prices that are reasonable….businesses want prices that enable the business to be profitable.

A recent automobile problem arose….unfortunately my mechanic of 30+ years retired. There were several highly rated service centers in Cary that could do the work.

The one selected was reasonable and offered a fair price. A fair price also ensures that the business is profitable and be there when needed.

Fair price is more than just a good price….it also requires trust and credibility from both buyers and sellers. I would like to think that we always offered a fair price….but also for the trust our customers had for our business.