Peanut Butter


The best peanut butter?

The article states this is the best peanut butter the author has ever tasted. 

“Cream-Nut is simply the best tasting, all-natural peanut butter available! Koeze has been handcrafting Cream-Nut for over 90 years. Using only fresh Virginia peanuts and sea salt, you can taste the tradition of our remarkable heritage in every jar.”

It may time to find jar of Cream-Nut….even the name suggests it may be the best peanut butter.

Waterstone Insurance

Preservation + Longevity

“Waterstone Insurance agency is the second oldest operating business in Muskegon County. The company, along with its predecessors has been serving the insurance needs of Western Michigan for over 100 years.”

The predecessors were likely names that I recall in this business. What makes Waterstone interesting is that while they are over 100 years old (a superb accomplishment)….also is that they have preserved an unique building (probably as old) in a revitalized downtown area.

The classic building itself emphasizes the longevity of the business.

Attention to Detail

Apple iPhone

This our first smartphone….an Apple iPhone 8. Reviews indicate it a good choice.

Since it is similar in function and layout to my iPad….it should be easy to learn its capabilities.

Like all Apple products….the packaging is impressive. I am sure this is done to create the value and desirability of the Apple iPhone.

While some buyers may overlook the elegant box….it none- the-less conveys Apple’s attention to detail….and the manner in which they want their products to be presented.

Poppy Day

Armistice Day/Veterans Day

November 11 was Armistice Day. This year was the 70th anniversary since the signing of the Armistice ending the First World War….The 11th month – 11th day- 11th hour.

Growing up, lapel poppies were used to recognize Nov 11. 

November 11 is also Veterans Day in the U.S.

What is the significance in these two days? Anne’s grandfather was a doughboy in World War 1….stationed in England. It’s unclear whether he made it to the front lines.  The poppy is symbolic of these two days in our history.

Why poppies? Poppy flowers began to grow on the Flanders Field American Memorial in the town of Waregem, Belgium.

Assembly Required


Two examples of a different way to market furniture:

It remains to be seen if these business models are sustainable.

The market is the deciding factor….Price>Quality>Value.

Note: Extensive Terms & Conditions for both companies.


Made in Detroit

Another furniture business….yet different:

“Floyd’s story is a good example of how combining old skills (e.g., streamlined supply chain management) with new tools (e.g., social media) can give a company real momentum. But it’s also a huge lesson in how design is better off as a two-way process.”

The real test will be if this business model is sustainable and if customers are willing to pay $1490 for this sofa.


Toyota & Deer

Recently I encountered a deer and it was not pleasant for my Toyota (see photo). The deer apparently survived.

USAA has been our insurance provider for 55 years. The claim process was very easy. Visit the web site, fill out the appropriate information and file the claim . Fifteen minutes after filing the claim….a call from Gerber Collision to schedule an appraisal appointment.

Appraisal appointment at 0900….damage inspected….and repairs scheduled.

USAA and Gerber Collision have perfected the claim and repair process. To date the system has performed seamlessly. The repairs take place next week….time for execution.

The trust factor in USAA is that the collision repair providers are held to high standards.