Two recent stories:

“Inadequate training, poor leadership and a lack of pilot proficiency are to blame for a deadly collision between a United States Marine Corps fighter jet and tanker aircraft off Japan, the Marines said this week.”

“There’s been a significant breakdown in the corporate governance at Blue Cross,” Causey said at a news conference, calling the actions of both Dr. Patrick Conway and the Blue Cross board “disturbing.”

This won’t be the last time there will be a breakdown in leadership….one would believe that there are lessons learned from both these incidents….after-all they are highly regarded organizations.

The Marine Corps event more than likely resulted in career-ending actions. In the case of the Blue Cross situation, the CEO resigned (or was asked to resign) today.


eCommerce Necessity

What makes eCommerce business efficient? It’s many things….one of the most important….warehouse storage systems.


There are thousands of interesting….successful companies….like Speedrack….that are far off the radar screen. When a business does what does well….understands it’s market and customers….it is a growing business. 

Long term success means continuous innovation (better and different) for any company. 



Randolph Engineering

From Inc.com:  https://www.inc.com/leigh-buchanan/randolph-engineering-massachusetts-military-eyewear-main-street.html

There are two companies that manufacture the pilot sunglasses….the other American Optical (AO).

“Right to the present time, the Original Pilot is still being manufactured in the AO complex in Southbridge, Massachusetts.”

Perhaps there is some distinction between the two businesses….I am very satisfied with a new AO pair and a pair from from many years ago. 

AO and Randolph Engineering are both well made, quality products.





A commentator asked why there were several vacant restaurants in Cary (like the one in the photo). There were several speculative reasons….high rent….poor quality…poor service….wrong location.

Restaurants are a high-risk business with many having a short life span (average of 5 years).

Restaurants require good management like any other business. The basics have to be in place…. product quality….customer service….usp (unique selling proposition).

While an restaurant owner may be a good chef (or hires one)….it is also good business and management skills that make a restaurant successful and not another vacant building.



One of the challenges of advertising is to write good “copy”

“Text of a print, radio, or television advertising message that aims at catching and holding the interest of the prospective buyer, and at persuading him or her to make a purchase all within a few short seconds. The headline of an advertising copy is said to be the most important part, and quite often a small change in its wording brings disproportionate results.” – http://www.businessdictionary.com/definition/advertising-copy.html

Bovenizer & Baker (B&B) Orthodontics had this copy in a recent city magazine:

“From fresh baked cookies and coffee to free swag and genuine connections, the office will feel like your second home. The B&B staff enjoys their work and aims to create fun, earn your trust and deliver “wow” through service.”

Enticing copy for a professional practice. The photo of the two orthodontists further enhances the ad.

Good copy and graphics results in an advertising piece that gets read. Well done website….also.




Every business has front door….and in today’s online world that means a superior website.

“Our message content reaches 4-5x the people online that it does in person. Many of them eventually show up in person to explore more, because we invite them to. There’s no reason your content can’t do the same.”

“Everybody you’re trying to reach who is not a customer is online. Act like it.” (Cary Nieuwoff).

Many businesses/organizations need better online presence. It seems for some that a website is an afterthought. A well designed informational website should be a key component of a company’s marketing strategy. 

If a potential customer cannot find the necessary information….all it takes is a click to find a competitor that does a better job.


Carpet Pad

An important part of selling carpet was the foundation pad. Of course, to most customers this was not a great significance….it was out of sight!

However like many projects….the foundation is critical to performance. In selling carpet….a better pad means better performance and longevity. 

We sold primarily latex rubber pad….the rebond composite padding materials were just entering the market.

As always….many decisions are based on –  price vs. value.