Pizza & Technology


Analysts believe that the gap between Domino’s and rivals has got bigger in the first quarter of this year.

They expect Domino’s to become even more of a Pizza King. Why? Because it realized very early that humans would become obsessed with their phones.

Domino’s invested heavily in mobile. Why, you can even order via Twitter.

Pizza Hut didn’t see the digital nightmare — some refer to it as a revolution — coming.

As Greg Creed, CEO of its holding company Yum Brands, admitted to the Associated Press: “Easy beats better.”

Unlike Domino’s and, indeed, Papa John’s, people still think of Pizza Hut as a bricks and mortar brand, rather than one that represents speedy delivery. Or, really, any delivery.

Creed himself confessed: “We still have to turn Pizza Hut into a delivery brand.”

The $64 question: Why didn’t Pizza Hut see this sooner?